Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mondegreen Saturday

Kate Bush: I'll do it for you...I'll be Isildur or Marian for you...

She'll cut a Ring of Power off the hand of the Dark Lord for you? Aw. How romantic.


Corey Tamas said...

It's "I’ll do it for you / I’ll be isolde or marion for you", you stunned bint.

Rachel said...

It's a mondegreen, you numpty.

Mike said...

Ah so THAT'S what you call it. They had a radio show and Metro paper cmapaign here recently where they were asking for mis-heared lyrics.

One I could suggest is from Michelle Branch's Everywhere: "You're everywhere i gore, I always feel your sore".

Hope you don't infect it, Michelle, and are wearing surgical gloves.

Word of the day: qmjpmaw. I make a triple word score!