Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A memo to the gods of English weather

It is almost June. Do you think you could stop with the hail?

You'll notice that I don't ask for warm, pleasant weather. I wouldn't want anyone here to die of shock. But the hail thing--it's getting old. I suppose I should have been warned when, after a few days of pleasant weather a couple of weeks ago, people would say to me, "So, did you enjoy summer?" and I would laugh--and I would be the only one laughing.

I mean, honestly. It's nice to have a bit of foul weather, so that you have a ready-made topic of conversation and can bond with your fellow-sufferers...but enough is enough. So no more hail, okay? At least not until...July.

thanking you for your kind attention to this matter...


Mike said...

Well it makes a change from the "winter" we had. Okay so it's nothing even vaguely like a Canadian winter but what's winter in Britain when it rains less than 7 days in 4 months. To the extent that they're talking about water rationing. Apparently South East England has less water available per head now than Kenya and Sudan.

Okay so the weather seems to be making up for lost time recently. Not much hail down here in London Town, but a drenching nonethless. Oh and my pet hate, the blocked drains. Which always make for a laugh when a bus goes through half foot deep of protuding puddles and splash unsuspecting pedetrians. So long as it's not you. A colleague of mine wasn't quite so lucky. Pity I missed it. Now that would make a "happy slapping" event worthy of videoing.
Verif word: qngrlui. "Angrily" on a French keyboard (where A and Q are swapped?)

Buck Daruma said...

You say this, but I know for a fact that you're leaving for Paris shortly. And I'm betting it'll be nicer there.

Plus, of course, by the time you get to me here, you'll have all the summer you want and then some.

....At least, I assume so. It should be hot, anyway.

Mike said...

Buck: she will be bringing the weather with her. Be afraid, be very afraid ;)

seaslover said...

We echo similar sentiments round about August when we are being smacked with hurricanes in Florida (aka "The Sunshine State - yeah, okay). You definitely have my sympathy! Also - LOVED England/UK when I visited - I'm envious that you get to live there! j

Buck Daruma said...

Still not worried, Mike. 'Cause (cue music) "....we got sunshine...on a cloudy day....when it's cold outside....we got the month of May...."

That's may as in darling buds of, by the way.