Monday, February 20, 2006

walking meditation soundtrack

... k.d. lang singing about faith, persistence, and contentment, in Bruce Cockburn's beautiful song "One day I walk":

One day I walk in flowers
One day I walk on stones
Today I walk for hours
One day I shall be home.

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Buck Daruma said...

Long comment:

There's an entry I never wrote about Meditation sitting around on my hard drive. It starts from the observation that there is no word in western languages that adequately translates the meaning of the word or its' context (I don't have my original source at hand, sadly; I read this nearly a month ago now).

According to some traditions, anything that you give your complete focus to is meditation; thus performing the Kata for Jujutsu (or indeed other martial arts) is a form of meditation, for example. By this standard I meditate up to twice a day - sitting at night, and running first thing in the morning.

Sometimes, I enjoy this. Currently, I hate doing it, which is when I think it becomes most useful. I find myself trying to do two things at once: on one hand, I'm very much in my body, acutely aware of everything that I'm experiencing. On the other hand and at the same time, this focus is a method of distancing myself from the body that I'm in. If you like, It's a practical test of the idea of non self, of equanimity, of living in the moment, all the rest of it.

Sometimes, it can be challenging. When I get distracted by my own discomfort, one song that comes into my head is very similar to yours, but I'd hesitate to call it beautiful:


It is, always, uplifting. It serves as a reminder to me that all these things, they are outside, somehow, and this helps me to let go of them. Of course it helps that it's a catchy beat.

And I go on.