Wednesday, June 15, 2005

good old Dan Savage

From this week's column:

In other gay news: Last week, the pope condemned divorce, masturbation, birth control, in vitro fertilization, living together before marriage, and same-sex marriage. According to Bennie, all of the above add up to "anarchic freedom." The headlines the next day? "Pope Condemns Gay Marriage As 'Anarchy.'" The headlines should have read something like this: "Pope Condemns Majority Of American Heterosexuals For Private Sexual Conduct; Also, Gay Marriage."

Once again, he hits the nail on the head.


evilsciencechick said...

let's see....

1. yes (well, he is)
2. OH yeah!
4. hmmm....not yet...
5. yes
6. no thanks, I'm straight.

4 out of 6. I am SO going to hell. good thing I'm not catholic!

Rachel said...

I'm not really in favour of in vitro fertilization; I figure there are lots of unwanted kids in the world, so anyone who has a burning desire to raise kids has their choice. This belief probably makes me a bad and insensitive person who doesn't fully understand the dreadful soul-rending yearnings of spoiled, was that my outside voice?

But all the rest I'm very much in favour of. I go as far as yanking narrow-minded, I mean "conservatives" 's chains by telling them that I'm just waiting to get married until I meet the right girl.

Rachel said...

...which means that you'll have lots of company in hell.