Monday, September 20, 2004


I'd just like to gloat over the success of my hangover-averting endeavours. Staying up until 4 am drinking water meant that at 10 am I was happy to go out for breakfast with T&M. ... I kept trying to tell them that my resilience was proof that with age comes wisdom. They say that's true as long as I mean wisdom teeth.

It's wonderful that enough water protects one from the bad effects of overindulging in alcohol. Now if only there were a similar remedy for cheesecake....


Ray in New Orleans said...

Oh, you're a champ now, are you? Ready to take on anything?

I could write books about the whole hangover taxonomy. The bloated mush-headed beer hangover. The vertigo-inducing red-wine hangover. The hugging the toilet for an entire day mescal hangover. And the two-thirds of a bottle of whiskey hangover that mostly lives as a buzzing presence at the end of each and every nerve ending in your body.

Then you got your post-coke tweak, your post-X tweak, your 4-sunrises-in-a-row-and-whoops-now-its-a-work-day-again meth tweak....


Glad you survived OK.

Welcome to the 30's.

Karl Elvis said...

Wait you left out the post-LSD-trip hangover with the hallucinations that won't quite go away all around the edges of your vision.

And then there's where you mix more than one.

My head hurts just thinking about it. Why do I want more?

Ray in New Orleans said...

Ooooh! Yeah, mixing more than one.

Like the red wine and meth combo. Only you forgot to eat because you're speeding, so the only thing that's gone into your belly during the past 24 hours is most of two bottles of cabernet. Now that there is some nausea.

Or tequila and acid. Ever drive the porcelain bus when the bathroom floor tiles were still moving around re-enacting scenes from King Lear? It'll put you off The Bard for years.

Rach, you think we're trouble now? You should have seen us 15 years ago. We're practically Boy Scouts now.

(Yes, Karl, I know. Knots and all.)

Karl Elvis said...

I think Ray's right about us then.

I don't quite remember though.