Monday, September 13, 2004

I live with Satan

So my new roommates (who are very nice) brought with them two cats. The cats are brother and sister from the same litter, Ying (orange male with hindquarters that look like they were put on wrong--he kind of waddles) and Yang (black female) by name. Big, with big soulful eyes, and indolently inquisitive dispositions. Also declawed, and prone to streeeeeetching uuuuup to sharpen their claws against a wall...and of course sliding down ignominiously--cute, but not bright. Just when Ying and Yang were getting the hang of their new digs, my roommates adopted a stray kitten. (The grocer down the street had been feeding it, and figured it needed a permanent home.) This new little one is a ball of energy. He's very curious and very quick and very playful, which means that tying your shoes has become a hazardous activity: even if he's in the other room when you start, by the time you finish he will likely have appeared and started wrestling the shoelace away from you. He's been terrorizing Ying and Yang. Well, he thinks of it as "playing with", but he has claws and they don't, and they're clearly losing sleep over the situation. Quite apart from his disposition, his outsized ears give him a rather devilish appearance. Finally my roommates decided that the only possible name for him is Shaitan. I love it. It makes me giggle to say, "Who's a good little Shaitan? Does Shaitan want to be scratched under his chin? Who's my creampuff?"

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Julie said...

Post pics! Who doesn't love kitties? Especially satanically cute baby kitties?