Friday, April 14, 2006

blogging JOY!!

I've just started a work blog. Like, a blog to help me keep track of my work, and to share my results with my colleagues. Whe I told Corey about it, he said that the only thing that could make it geekier, or less generally comprehensible, is if it were written in Elvish. I know that publishing the link is just going to get me more snide comments, but anyway, it's here.

The name comes from an Eddie Izzard sketch, about how he doesn't have techno-fear, he has technoJOY!!! and will recklessly install computer hardware without ever cracking open the manual. Similarly, I've got simulation JOY and will simulate breakfast cereal, given half a chance.


Gregg P. said...

Hey Rachel --

OK, so I've perused the work journal and it's fascinating in its utter impenetrability! I have no idea what you're doing, nor what it all means. I mean, it clearly all means something, but I'll be damned if I can make heads or tails of it. Reading it is, for me, like reading static on the television, which is actually quite relaxing at times!

I figure either you know exactly what you're doing, or you also have no idea and are just making up a bunch of stuff. Either way, it's entertaining in its density.

Shugetsu said...

OK, so I'm curious, having spent some time in labs and whatnot...this workblog thing...don't you have competitors? Aren't your pitfalls and shortcuts and settings and so forth something you'd rather keep to yourself? Or am I just being paranoid on your behalf?

It is vaguely comforting to read, though. I was an undergrad in a physical chemistry lab that did a lot of reaction dynamics and related research using all this scattering and beam profile stuff takes me back!