Monday, January 16, 2006


(a collection of quotations illustrating the traditional list of the Pāramis, assembled by Steve Armstrong and other teachers)

Dāna (Generosity)

If beings knew, as I know, the benefit of generosity, they would not let an opportunity go by without sharing.



Virtue has non-remorse as its benefit and reward.
Non-remorse has gladness as its benefit and reward.
Gladness has joy as its benefit and reward.
Joy has serenity as its benefit and reward.
Serenity has happiness as its benefit and reward.
Happiness has concentration as its benefit and reward.
Concentration has insightful understanding as its benefit and reward.
Insightful understanding has non-attachment as its benefit and reward.
Non-attachment has liberation as its benefit and reward.
In this way, virtue leads step by step to the highest.



True renunciation is not giving up the things of this world, but in knowing they go away.

-Suzuki Roshi

Paňňā (Wisdom)

All conditioned things arise and pass away. Understanding this deeply brings the greatest happiness, which is peace.


Viriya (Energy)

No-one succeeds without effort. Mind at peace is not your birthright. Those who succeed owe their liberation to perseverance.

-Ramana Maharshi.


Patience is the supreme virtue.



Better than a thousand useless words is one simple word that brings peace.


Aditthāna (Resolution)

Let only my skin, sinews, and bones remain and let the flesh and blood in my body dry up; but not until I attain Supreme Enlightenment will I give up this meditation seat.”


Metta (Lovingkindness)

Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone. This is the eternal law.


Upekkhā (Equanimity)

The mind is like space. There is room in it for everything or nothing. We always have a perspective once we know that space of the mind, its emptiness. Armies can come into the mind and leave, butterflies, rain-clouds—or nothing. All things can come and go through without us being caught in reaction or resistance.

-Ajahn Sumedho

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Buck Daruma said...

This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And now, a story:

...Two monks were travelling by foot in winter when they came upon a ford swollen by the rain. A pretty girl stood by the water (probably not as pretty as you, but still, smokin' hot) crying because she couldn't get across. One of the monks said "come on!" and, scooping her up in his arms (which I can demonstrate, later, if you're interested) he marched through the flood, put her down on the other side, and walked on.

All day, his companion fumed inside. Finally, when they stopped for the evening meal he burst out "Why did you pick up that girl? You know monks aren't allowed to touch women. And she was smokin' hot as well!!"

To which his companion calmly replied "You're still carrying her, then?"...

-- thinking of you, hoping your burdens are light ones today.