Tuesday, May 03, 2005

help with poem?

For my 12th birthday party, many long years ago, I got a book from the library: The Witches' Handbook. It was illustrated comic-book style, and it had stories and poems and various silly things. In the "How to throw a witches' party" section it had recipes for "Earthworms in Bat's Blood Sauce" (spaghetti with tomato sauce) and "Dubious Trifle" (you make "squashed flies" by soaking raisins and then sticking sliced almonds in as wings and then you put the flies around the side of the glass bowl before you make the trifle). But the bit I'm trying to remember is one of the "Witch Sayings":

Monday's witch is foul of face
Tuesday's witch is lacking grace
Wednesday's witch is long of nose
Thursday's witch has extra toes
Friday's witch.....
Saturday's witch....
But the witch that was born on the Sabbath day
Tends to smell, so keep away.

Any ideas for how to fill in the blanks?


Anonymous said...

O Hepzibah - the book may be 'The Witches Handbook' by Malcolm Bird, Beaver Books, London 1988 (courtest of Google)

perhaps the first of the missing lines was
Fridays witch was dressed in orange...

Rachel said...

Of course! I remember now!

Friday's witch is dressed in orange
Saturday's witch likes to swing from the door-hinge.

Rachel said...

Monday’s witch is foul of face,
Tuesday’s witch is a disgrace,
Wednesday’s witch is long of nose,
Thursday’s witch has extra toes,
Friday’s witch bakes poisoned pies,
Saturday’s witch has evil eyes,
But the witch that was born
On the Sabbath day
Tends to smell……
So keep away!